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At Vinyl Care we can repair or replace your boat or yachts bedding. We do sheets, pillows, memory foam mattresses and more. Our design team can create a totally new look for your boat or replace your boats existing bedding and make it look like new again.

Please preview our yacht and boat bedding services below. If you do not find the service you were looking for please contact us for more information.

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Marine And Yacht Bedding Repair And Replacement

Memory Foam

Memory Foam sellers state that it was first developed by NASA. Ironically it was never used in any space mission. Over the years memory foam's unique ability to respond to temperature and to spread pressure over a greater surface area has made it a standard in the boat upholstery industry.

We feature a complete line of memory foam services available for your boat. Please feel free to browse through our completed projects.

memory foam mattress   replace or repair memory foam mattress   Memory Mattresses


We fabricate custom mattresses for boats. Our boat mattresses can be created in any of our foam grades and shaping is available if needed. We offer free information regarding the appropriate thickness of any mattress you order as well as the ways in which it can be upholstered.

yacht and boat repair mattress    Custom mattress fabrication   Custom Mattress & Pillows


We can hand sew a complete set of custom sheets and bed fittings for your boat. We specialize in custom work and use only the highest quality materials for your project. Our experts can measure, cut and sew any material you desire and our work is second to none.

Repair sheets   replace sheets   custom sheets designed


We make custom sized pillows for any boat. We can recover your existing pillows or create you a brand new set to accompany the new mattress and sheets you've just ordered. Our materials are durable and resist the elements so they stay new longer.

replace yacht pillows   repair marine vessel pillows    new pillows designed


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